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Extension Price per year (THB) Entity
.com 500 Commercial uses
.net 500 Networks
.org 500 Non-profit and charitable organizations
.biz 500 An alternative to .com especially for businesses
.info 500 Informative websites
.name 500 Individual use
.cc 1,500 An alternative to .com
.mobi 1,500 Mobile devices
.asia 1,500 Asia/Pacific region (local presence needed in the region of Asia, Australian, and the Pacific)
.travel 5,000 Travel and tourism industry related sites (must be verified as a legitimate travel-related entity)
.bike 2,500 For manufacturer, retailer or enthusiast
.tv 2,500 Video and media related sites
Extension Price per year (THB) Entity 1,000 Thailand registered company (supporting document required) 1,000 Thailand businesses and individuals (supporting document required) 1,000 Thailand non-profit and charitable organizations (supporting document required) 1,000 Thailand government (supporting document required) 1,000 Thailand educational institution (supporting document required)
.cn, 2,000 China (supporting document required), 2,000 China (supporting document required)
.hk 2,000 Hongkong,, 2,000 Hongkong (supporting document required)
.in 550 India,, 550 India
.la 2,500 Laos or Los Angeles 5,500 Myanmar (must be local presence in Myanmar)
.my 3,000 Malaysia (possible supporting document required, please contact), 2,500 Malaysia (possible supporting document required, please contact)
.ph,, 2,500 Philippines
sg,, 2,500 Singapore (supporting document required)
.tw, 2,000 Taiwan
.vn 5,500 Vietnam (terms & conditions applies, please contact),, 4,500 Vietnam (terms & conditions applies, please contact),, 4,500 Vietnam (terms & conditions applies, please contact)
Extension Price per year (THB) Entity new! 650 Netherland new! 2,000 Norway 1,500 Australia (local presence required / minimum 2 years registered)
.de 2,000 Germany (local presence required)
.eu 1,000 European Union (restricted to organizations and individuals in the European Union)
.it 3,000 Italy (local presence within Euro member states required)
.me 1,500 Montenegro or for personal and family websites 2,000 New Zealand 1,200 United Kingdom (minimum 2 years registered)
.us 1,000 United States

General Rules for Domain Name Registration

  1. Domain names can be up to 63 characters long, not including the extension characters.
  2. The domain name must start and end with a letter or a number. Hyphens can not be located at the end or the beginning of a name.
  3. A domain name is not case sensitive.
  4. A domain name can contain only Roman (English) letters, numbers and a hyphen “-“.
  5. A domain name can not use symbols: ! @ # $ % ^ & ฿ * ( ) + | / < > , ‘ ? ” [ ] { } _
  6. You can not use spaces.
  7. The domain name must be unique.

Required Document for registration domain name under.TH


Must be commercial enitites which are either registered within Thailand. A foreign company which is not so registered may only apply for such a domain name if it has a representative in Thailand and this local representative must itself be registered within Thailand and be authorised by the foreign company to apply for the registration of the domain name.

The registrant must provide one of these documents :

  • Company Limited / Limited Partnership’s Registration Document (Thor-Khor-0401)
  • Company Limited / Limited Partnership’s Certification Paper
  • VAT Registration Document (Por-Por-20)
  • VAT Modification Request Paper (Por-Por-09)
  • Overseas Commercial Permission Document (Thor-Khor-0506)


Register domain name on behalf of organization: Business license document (such as Por-por-20, Tor-kor-0401 or other documents which are issued by Thai Government) and payment evidence (or pay-in slip).

Register domain name on behalf of individual: Administrative contact’s ID card, driving license or Thailand work permit license and payment evidence (or pay-in slip).


An authorized paper of organization establishment. In case you have no any the documents stated above, please provide the following documents. The first document is a paper which contains committee, permanent address in Thailand and purposes of the registrant. The other is a paper to approve establishment of the registrant in Thailand by a well-known organization.


An authorized paper of college/school establishment with authorized signature and its crest. In case you have no any the documents stated above, please provide the authorized letter which contains address, what head office you are under and confirmation of registration domain name _ _ with authorized signature and college/school’s crest.

Frequently Ask Question

Can I move my domain and web hosting from old host to Webmasterbangkok?

Yes. After you purchase domain and web hosting with us, we will guide you through step by step on how to transfer domain name and host or we can organize it on your behalf.

Can I register a domain name and purchase web hosting at the same time?

Yes. Just simply contact us and we will contact you and send you a quotation.

When can I use my domain after I register here?

You can use your domain within 24 hours but often within an hour.

Can I cease my domain name?

No. Once you register a domain name, you can not cancel it. If you want to have another domain name, you have to register and leave your unwanted domain name until it’s expired.